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S.C. EMS partners give birth to baby boys on same day

The same doctor even delivered both babies for Kaitlyn Hoffman and Giesel Gonzalez, who have been partners on the same ambulance for three years

By EMS1 Staff

CAYCE, S.C. — Two mobile healthcare providers with First Priority Medical Transport gave birth on the same day.

Kaitlyn Hoffman and Giesel Gonzalez have been partners on the same ambulance for three years. The two found out they were pregnant at the same time and worked throughout their pregnancies, the company said.

On February 6, both Hoffman and Gonzalez gave birth to healthy baby boys, with the same doctor performing the deliveries.

Gonzales reflected on their bond and shared experiences during pregnancy.

“He is my first and maybe only child,” Gonzales said. “Kaitlynn and I are going on three years, but feels like 10. She’s like a big sister and best friend... When we were pregnant we worked all the way up til the boys were born and I can honestly say some days were hard but I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else.”

This is Hoffman’s third child but she shared the unique significance of this pregnancy.

“We tried over a year to get pregnant and found out on June 8th that we were pregnant with him,” Hoffman said. “Working was sometimes a challenge but always easier with someone who truly understood how I felt.”