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C.B. Garris takes readers inside New York City EMS and what it meant to become a “Member of the Service” in this excerpt from “PARAMEDIC: M.O.S.”
EMS providers transported several victims; FDNY firefighters searched the site with a robot dog and drones and used a tower ladder to remove a man from the roof
‘Emergency NYC’ includes healthcare professionals throughout the city
The three paramedics and one EMT will each receive $29,999, according to a spokesperson for FDNY EMS Local 2507
Adams could eliminate retired EMS providers, firefighters, officers and others’ health insurance options except for Medicare Advantage
Emergency department disruptions are expected; the New York State Nurses Association cites staffing and patient safety concerns
Ahead of the potential walkout Monday, Mount Sinai said it started diverting most ambulances and transferring some patients
During his 28-year tenure, Brian Demarest, 46, worked for many EMS agencies around New York City
Paramedic Lauren Kwei said the “New York Post” included her name in an article about her use of the app OnlyFans against her wishes