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Next Generation 911

Amid a nationwide staffing shortage, learn how you can support the lifesaving role of public safety dispatchers – the FIRST first responders
Five insights to prepare for what the present, and future, hold in store for 911 dispatch communication centers
Next Generation 9-1-1 combines mission-critical public-safety information and leading-edge technology to improve EMS, fire, and police response to emergencies
75% of respondents said the high-stress nature of the job was the major factor in staffing shortages
Brian Tegtmeyer has more than 26 years of experience in public safety communications
The new resource is the latest in a series of publications for fire, EMS and law enforcement leaders to better understand Next Generation 911
The bill would provide $15 billion to update the nation’s 911 infrastructure
One county recently purchased a system using a $100,000 state grant
A state law passed in 2015 required the county to cut 50 percent of its 911 centers by 2016
North Dakota received more than $1.47 million in funds to fund the next phase of upgrades to the state’s 22 911 call centers
The money will help fund renovation, hardware, equipment and associated technology costs for the call center
Commissioners were asked to approve $92,500 for Next-Gen call routing software and $1.3 million for an upgrade/refresh to the VESTA system
The state of the city’s dispatch system became a concern when Sheriff Jim Voutour warned that only one of the city’s dispatch center phones was still working.
With the Text-to-911 initiative, individuals in four Kentucky counties now have the capability to text authorities during an emergency, effective immediately
After two years of research, a team of experts has determined that it will cost between $9.5 and $12.7 billion over the next ten years to expand NG911