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Charges dropped against former Pa. dispatcher who didn’t send ambulance in 2020 death

Dispatcher Leon Price repeatedly asked the patient’s daughter whether the patient would be willing to be transported; she died a day later

By Bill Carey

WAYNESBURG, Pa. — Charges have been dropped against a former Greene County dispatcher who was accused of refusing to send an ambulance to a woman in distress.

In July 2020, Kelly Titchenell called Greene County 911 seeking help for her mother. Despite Titchenell’s pleas, as her mother, Diania Kronk, was unresponsive and turning yellow, Dispatcher Leon Price stated he would send an ambulance but repeatedly insisted on needing her mother’s consent, even though she was unable to speak, KDKA reported.

An ambulance was never dispatched. Authorities reported that Kronk died from internal bleeding the following day.

Former District Attorney Dave Russo charged Price and three Greene County emergency officials: Gregory Leathers, Richard Policz and Robert Rhodes.

Last year, a judge dismissed charges against Leathers, Policz and Rhodes, and the lesser charges against Price, but allowed involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment charges against Price to proceed.

A week before trial, Greene County District Attorney Brianna Vanata dropped the charges against Price in Kronk’s death.

Price’s attorney released a statement to KDKA-TV, which said, in part, “We appreciate District Attorney Vanata reviewing the file and recognizing that Mr. Price’s alleged actions did not necessitate criminal charges.”

Price remains employed by Greene County, according to his lawyer. Although the criminal cases are concluded, Price, Policz, Leathers and the county still face a civil lawsuit from the Kronk family in federal court.