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Bystander video, dispatch audio captures N.C. shootout that killed 4 officers, wounded 4 others

“I’ve got shots fired and an officer down,” a marshal can be heard saying over police radio. “Multiple rounds are being fired at officers”

Neighbor films astonishing shootout between Charlotte cops and gunmen that left four officers dead and another four injured

“They’re heroes,” Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Johnny Jennings said at a Tuesday news conference. “They’re heroes because they face dangers that most humans should not have to face. And they accept that danger. And not a single one of them backed away from that challenge yesterday.”

Daily Mail

Editor’s Note: The death of a police officer is felt by the entire first responder community and can take a heavy toll. Take a look at our articles on how critical incident stress debriefing teams help first responders in crisis and how to safeguard your mental wellness.

By Joanna Putman

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Video captured by a bystander and dispatch audio released by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department shed light on the shooting of eight officers, four of whom died.

On April 29, a task force was trying to capture Terry Clark Hughes Jr., 39, who was wanted for possession of a firearm by an ex-felon and fleeing to elude.

Those killed were identified as Sam Poloche and William Elliott of the North Carolina Department of Adult Corrections; Charlotte-Mecklenburg Officer Joshua Eyer; and Deputy U.S. Marshal Thomas Weeks. Four other officers were wounded, and Hughes was also killed.

Bystander video released by the Daily Mail shows officers crouched behind a vehicle at a neighboring home.

The incident was livestreamed on Facebook by Saing Chhoeun. In the video he captured, two police officers are seen taking cover behind a vehicle, exchanging fire with the gunman.

The footage starts with Chhoeun, apparently locked out of his house, pleading for someone to let him in, according to the report. Despite officers urging him to find safety inside, he explains that he is unable to enter as he does not have the keys.

During the video, one officer can be seen quickly diving to the ground for cover. The officer can later be seen standing back up.

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department also released dispatch audio from the incident, beginning from the moment U.S. Deputy Marshals called for backup.

“I’ve got shots fired and an officer down,” a marshal can be heard saying over police radio. “Multiple rounds are being fired at officers.”

Several police officers can be heard telling the dispatcher that they are en route to the scene. The marshal can be heard becoming increasingly distraught as he updates the dispatcher that two officers are down.

“Alright brother, deep breath. You’ve got a lot [of CMPD officers] coming to you,” an officer can be heard telling the marshal.

The marshal informs the officer that the two officers had not yet been evacuated. Officers in the audio inform the marshal that medics are en route.

As officers arrived at the scene, command officers told them where to go.

“Any officers on the Delta side of the house, stand clear, he’s shooting your way,” a command officer can be heard saying.

After officers described the shooting suspect, calls to get the wounded officers to safety were reiterated as the shooting continued.

“I need … armor at the Delta side of the house,” an officer can be heard saying. “I have eyes on [the downed officers] but I cannot get to them.”

As more officers arrived at the scene, new calls of shots fired could be heard shortly after officers evacuated a neighboring home.

“He’s shooting at us again, return fire,” an officer can be heard saying.

“We have an officer hit,” an officer says. “Four officers down, I got four officers down.”

Officers worked to determine the location of officers who were struck by gunfire, reporting that one had been evacuated and placed in a patrol car.

“He’s down, he’s in the front, Alpha side,” an officer reports.

“Target down, additional shots from inside the house,” another officer says.

As armored vehicle units arrived, command officers instructed them to break through the backyard gate of the home where several officers were wounded by gunfire.

“This one’s going to be critical, we need someone to provide first aid immediately,” an officer says.

After wounded officers were extracted from the scene, dispatchers began instructing SWAT armored vehicles to enter the home. Command officers instructed officers who were on scene to back away and out of a potential line of fire. A second person then began firing shots from the home.

Following a three-hour standoff, a woman and a 17-year-old male were found in the home, police said. The identity of the second shooter is unknown.