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Consider adding these often-encountered patients to your EMT or paramedic class’s patient assessment drills or high-fidelity patient simulations
TBI risk factors, managing patient refusals and oxygenation tips for treating head injuries
Jarrod P. Martin and Shawn P. Hoyle remain employed by Woonsocket Fire Department amid the appeal, but are no longer handling rescue calls
The Florida-based rescue nonprofit Project DYNAMO successfully evacuated the twin boys, as well as a British baby girl, to Poland from war-torn Kyiv
Think you know the tips and tricks to make the process go smoothly? Check your knowledge
“I was like, ‘Don’t worry, I’ve done this before,’” said Nicole Segalini, a high school senior then. “I just didn’t clarify that I had done it with a plastic baby.”
Lafayette and New Albany plan to install the boxes after a newborn was safely surrendered at another Indiana station earlier this month
Clarksville Fire Chief Brandon Skaggs praised the parent for leaving the baby in safe hands
The bill, which would also allow parents to call 911 to surrender a child, is headed to Gov. Eric Holcomb’s desk
Army Paramedic Falaq Gaither’s wife Pamela was in labor when the crash brought traffic to a standstill
Paramedic Marian Anson and EMT Michelle Guidotti were VIP guests at Baby Oliver’s adoption party
The proposals aim to increase access in areas without hospitals or full-time fire departments
The box has heating and cooling features and an alarm system so first responders can respond as soon as a baby is placed inside
The Kids Kare helicopter at Wolfson Children’s Hospital includes a neonatal isolette for transporting both full term and premature infants
The Prisma Health Midlands Foundation is seeking to raise an additional $162,000 to fund the specialized rig and equipment
The box’s sensor sets off an alarm in the station prompting personnel to immediately evaluate and render care to the infant
A rookie 911 operator guided the mother after the birth of the first twin during a storm; the ambulance continued to the hospital after it was rear-ended
Formalized neonatal training, repetition and equipment can account for the low frequency but high stakes of these resuscitation scenarios
According to Kentucky Children’s Hospital, the ambulance is the first of its kind in the state
The specialized ambulance aims to quickly transport expectant mothers to Level III NICU and is staffed with a multidisciplinary medical team
The new apparatus can carry up to two babies at once and will replace an 11-year-old NICU ambulance
The helicopters enable emergency medical transport, still and swift water rescue, search and rescue, high angle rescue and fire suppression/aerial reconnaissance for Travis County, Texas
A lighting system inside the rig shows stars and fireworks on the ceiling to provide a distraction
Learn how infants who were exposed to opioids present while suffering from withdrawal
A childbirth call, a few nights before Christmas, became the one that has defined my career as a paramedic
Police said the 13-year-old girl did not know she was pregnant until she gave birth
Instead of only loading a patient from the back, a second patient can be loaded from the side
A sonogram showed his son was born with holes in the wall separating the right and left sides of the heart and a blocked pulmonary valve