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Firefighter/Paramedic Adam Finseth, 40, was fatally shot as he provided aid to an injured officer
The Rialto firefighters maintained they were strictly adhering to COVID protocols in the 2021 incident
First responder agencies across the country had suggested residents use a landline to report an emergency during the outage
Making care more accessible, reducing hospital utilization and improving outcomes
REACT EMS crew faced an at-home delivery in Shawnee
Paramedic Dina Filo-O’Neil was in the back of the Lower Kiski ambulance when it struck a guardrail
Law enforcement relayed that 11 of the victims were children who were transported to Children’s Mercy, a Level 1 pediatric trauma center in the city
Decatur City Council ordinance comes after increased fire department calls to assisted-living facilities, nursing homes
A video shared from the scene showed someone apparently performing chest compressions on a shooting victim as another person, seemingly writhing in pain, lay on the ground nearby
New capabilities will change how care is delivered – and agencies need to adapt