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How to let each other know that a fellow medic has died and process the death collectively
When implemented effectively, a peer support program can be one of the best resources for first responders to access help
80% of the Reedy Creek Fire Department’s 185 staff members signed off on the deal, paving the way for a significant bump in starting pay and benefits
Medical transportation leader establishes ESG Working Group and invests in eco-friendly practices
Organization leaders canceled 50th anniversary celebrations to focus on taking care of their employees and the people they serve
49 city employees who refused to respond are facing disciplinary action, including termination
The Colo. grand jury indictment of two paramedics calls ketamine a “deadly weapon,” a category normally used for guns and knives in criminal complaints
Starting paramedic pay for paramedics is just below $13 per hour, well below other Tampa-area agencies
Officials are using American Rescue Plan funds to pay a $250 vaccination incentive for full-time EMS employees
Tybee Island officials look to Chatham Emergency Management Services for guidance, stability
The personal risks and magnitude of suffering with the pandemic are something no one should have to face alone
The new law provides for two types of leave for employees impacted by COVID-19
During this national emergency, EMS needs to find qualified caregivers to help maintain field response capabilities
A letter sent to the East of England Ambulance Service Trust warned of “psychological abuse” before three EMS providers died within a 10-day period