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Gun safety

Tuesday’s theme aims to foster a culture of safety, collaboration and preparedness within the EMS industry and in local communities
I encourage EMS leaders to start local Be SMART Public Safety Task Forces to educate families about safe gun storage
EMS scenes are as safe as we can make them, but that’s not the same thing as being safe
The Sumner County Sheriff’s Office and the Wellington EMS providers responded and performed CPR
Lead sponsor Majority Leader Tom Takubo clarified that the measure only applies to specific situations
The suspect was found to possess 20 guns and 4 grams of meth and had been considering stealing the fire truck and ambulance, Rochester police said
EMTs and others would be protected from civil and criminal liability while performing their duties with law enforcement
Palestine FD members provided aid immediately, and the firefighter was transported to a medical center in stable condition, the police chief said
Following the shots, the Med Express Ambulance employees noticed a man on a bicycle hit the ground, and made a U-turn to render aid
Bullets hit the EMS providers’ vehicle before police arrested the suspect and transported him to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation
Police said the patient took out a small gun while secured to a gurney in a hallway after Harris County Emergency Corps crewmembers transported her
An ACS panel’s recommendations include background checks, firearm education and training, safe storage, red flag laws, and addressing mental health issues
No one was hurt in the incident, and the ambulance was found afterward
Police are looking for the person who got into the parked rig as providers were responding to a call
Hall County Fire Rescue members stepped out of the man’s home and waited in their vehicles for police to arrive