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Good Samaritan

“The most important part of my life is to help and uplift other people, so there’s no way I can give up now,” says 34-year-old J.C. LaVerde
We have all seen the videos of street medics tending to civil unrest injuries, but do they have any legal protection, recognition or certified skills?
Conn. judge and jury find that Good Samaritan immunity protects paramedics, not employers
The firefighter-medic and a nurse both separately stopped to assist the crash victims, all of whom had to be extricated from the vehicles
“I started doing what we learned,” said Giselle Torres, a student in an EMS class at the Careerline Tech Center
“They rushed over,” said Anderson Township Fire Department member Curtis Yuskewich
High school senior Sebastian Cadavid recognized by the American Heart Association as a Heartsaver Hero for his efforts
Alex Sabo pulled college student Christina Poirier from the fiery vehicle; her mother thanked him by facilitating the EMT scholarship and additional honors
Monroe firefighters were forced to cut out the windshield and pull the driver onto a boat; EMS providers transported the patient to a hospital
A bystander saw the Pilcher’s ambulance and got the EMS providers out, but paramedic and retired firefighter Don Parrish did not survive
With a partly crushed skull and a broken jaw, J.C. La Verde kept swimming until he reached safety
Three paramedics with the Orange County Fire Authority stayed to finish the yard work left unfinished after a 93-year-old homeowner collapsed
Alyssa DeWitt was on the beach with her kids when she noticed four girls far into the lake struggling to make it back to the shore
Bend Firefighter-Paramedic Jared Hopper ran into the house after a neighbor said the resident was disabled and couldn’t get out
At least eight people were injured in the crash that left one vehicle hanging off the side of a bridge