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The FirstNet Health and Wellness Coalition leads efforts to enhance first responder mental wellness through comprehensive strategies and policy changes
Fire, police and EMS agencies, as well as local governments, share their appreciation for emergency dispatchers during the 2023 recognition week
San Diego Fire-Rescue Dispatcher Juliana Rubio has been on the job for 36 years and the reunion with the Haskins was only the second time a patient sought her out
First responder agencies across the country had suggested residents use a landline to report an emergency during the outage
Pilot program in El Cajon diverted some 911 calls to nurses for the appropriate level of care
A custom-developed CAD interface for omnicore dispatch sends an alert and message for CAD job dispatch information directly to the user’s radios ensuring no job is missed when the paramedics are away from the in-vehicle CAD terminals
Washington County suit states dispatchers sent law enforcement to crisis calls first before crisis workers
Kansas City Mayor Mayor Quinton Lucas hopes bonus will increase the number of call takers, help city meet national standards for answering 911 calls
New Mexico tops the list of U.S. states in terms of 911 call frequency, with 1,169 calls per 1,000 residents
Cellphone carriers are now required to send first responders based on the location of the caller, rather than the nearest cell tower
Orange County residents dialing 911 will have a text option that will allow them to livestream a video to a dispatcher
911 calls from the Fort Worth Sandman Hotel explosion reveal panic and confusion
Heavy rain, flooding led to 27 water rescues in Delaware County
MedStar personnel describe their first moments on the scene of the Sandman Signature Hotel explosion