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Civilian Hero

“If I hadn’t taken that course, I wouldn’t have known what to do” Raheem Morris said
Ashely Roa, 15, and Stephanie Roa, 17, were presented Certificates of Heroism, the highest recognition for civilians presented by the Orange County Fire Authority
The crash occurred outside the patient’s house during a visit through the county’s community paramedicine program
Topeka Fire Chief Craig Duke said Rena Blomberg and Jessica Jones showed heroism by rendering aid despite COVID-19 risks
Brianna Meyers, who aspires to become a paramedic, alerted her mom when she noticed a man slumped over in his car
Mason Ochoa jumped into action after seeing his 2-year-old brother fall into the pool through a home security system
The Effingham County 911 Board held a meeting this week where they recognized Lucas Grupe for doing the right thing in an emergency, and also discussed training for newly hired dispatchers
Monroe Community Ambulance paramedics presented Wyatt Musulin with a “Live Saving Award” for taking the proper steps to aid his injured mother
Maverick Cochran gave first responders the necessary information and even helped them care for his younger siblings
Kasey Brislane, 13, says her heightened sense of hearing enabled her to notice her neighbor’s cries for help
County officials also credited enhanced first responder training, automated CPR devices and AED availability with the increased survival rates
A YMCA lifeguard and other staff member received Red Cross Lifesaving Awards for rescuing a swimmer who stopped breathing