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Child Abuse

EMS clinicians should rely on their assessment and facts when assessing people with a suspected factitious disorder
By debunking human trafficking myths, EMS providers can assist the victims they encounter in their own communities
A sexually explicit photo of a child was seen on a computer during an EMS call in Redwood City
Three other children exhibited symptoms of opioid intoxication and were treated with Narcan by first responders on scene
Elverson-Honey Brook Area EMS fired Jason McCully, who admitted to owning a toiletry bag containing a camera that was found in the restroom
James Lavelle Walley apologized Monday after pleading guilty to three counts of sexual battery and two counts of touching a child for lustful purposes
James Walley admitted to raping a pregnant patient, sexually assaulting other adults, and fondling two children
Cristian Anthony Stern also serves with the Georgia National Guard
Anthony Spada has been placed on administrative leave, instructed to stay out of city offices and to not contact city employees
The father of the child was placed on administrative leave; the child’s stepmother is also a former employee of the department
A forensic analyst found more than 5,200 images and nearly 1,600 videos of child sexual abuse on the tablet
Dylan Wilson, a paramedic at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, was placed on administrative leave following his arrest on two counts of sexual exploitation
An EF-2 tornado hit a behavioral health center at a Sioux Falls hospital, prompting the evacuations of 102 patients, including 39 adolescents
Robert Stambaugh, 60, pleaded guilty in March to three child pornography counts