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“I am not willing to give our health for him,” Sacramento Firefighter Timothy John Keyes wrote on Facebook, according to a disciplinary letter
Young adults with prediabetes were also more likely to have high cholesterol and obesity, the researchers found
Emergency crews evacuated 87 residents from a nursing home in Porter as floodwaters began to seep into the home
Nancy Gabriel’s husband, James, was strapped to a gurney when it rolled off the sidewalk and overturned, causing multiple injuries
EMS training gaps in lifting practices, medical measuring and monitoring, and providing compassionate care put patients and providers at risk
Use the right equipment and enlist extra personnel to help transport bariatric patients out of their homes and into the ambulance while keeping their safety top of mind
I still regret a euphoric comment to my partner after lifting a morbidly obese patient
Bariatric patients may present with dehydration, malnutrition and surgical site complications in the days and weeks after a bariatric surgery procedure
First responders from Fayette EMS and Murrysville Medic One are heading to a staging area in Georgia to support rescue and evacuation efforts as Hurricane Dorian approaches
Pre-oxygenate, evaluate for LEMONS and position a patient of any size correctly to help secure an airway
Community paramedicine communication with patients, their family members and the local crews can eliminate obstacles and improve patient care for bariatric patients
In this episode, our co-hosts discuss the challenges that come with assisting bariatric patients, including logistics, equipment needs and provider attitudes
Please take a couple moments to answer these multiple-choice questions, which will help us capture how your agency is staying up to date on training for EMS treatment of bariatric patients
In 20-25% of cases, stroke symptoms and signs represent a stroke mimic, such as hypoglycemia, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis or infection
Take these steps to get quality sleep to protect against mental and physical health effects
Most EMS provider back injuries result from lifting patients – do you know how to position your body to minimize your risk?
A growing patient population that poses unique challenges and risks to all health care providers
Ambulances are equipped with power-assisted stretchers that lower and lift; the stretchers can handle up to 700 pounds
Being overweight is a threat to our patients, to our health and to our livelihood
Feel better and eat better on every shift by always having snacks, meals and hydration with you
EMTs and paramedics need food that heals, not poisons that harm, while making them feel good at the same time
Emergency response was delayed because a bigger stretcher and ambulance were needed to transport the obese woman
First-of-its-kind research of medics in the U.S. fire service reveals troubling rates of obesity, binge drinking and smokeless tobacco use
Responders worked together for 7 hours to extricate and transport a woman weighing 840 pounds
Alkan Air makes plane doors wider and purchased a mechanical lift to transfer patients weighing over 350 pounds