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Center for Patient Safety

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The Center for Patient Safety is the expert in EMS patient safety, dedicated to providing timely solutions and resources to improve patient safety and the quality of healthcare delivery. Established in 2005, CPS is an independent, not-for-profit organization that envisions a healthcare environment safe for all patients and healthcare providers, in all process all the time.

Quality improvement and the STAR method of decision making
Reduce human errors, train rising leaders and trial new equipment with simulation training
How to develop and systematically use a quality review process to improve patient safety
A framework to quality improvement initiatives to solve your safety challenges
Learn how to put structure to your patient safety program while changing the culture and measuring progress
Webinar: Understanding the second victim phenomenon; tips for developing a successful peer support program
Identify the human factors – fatigue, stress, distraction – that can cause medical errors and change your organization’s culture
Just culture moves an EMS agency to a better understanding of its current practices and the essential steps for improvement
Outlining defined goals and metrics through strategic planning prevents medical errors from reaching patients in the prehospital environment
The Center for Patient Safety launches a webinar series, “The Road to High Reliability,” allowing industry experts to share strategies to reduce clinical errors by cultivating a robust safety culture