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On this episode, our hosts discuss a recent dispute out of Oregon regarding the cost of ambulance transfers between urgent care facilities and hospital followups
“We immediately removed both fire medics from their normal duties and discontinued their abilities to provide patient care,” Clearwater Chief Scott Ehlers said
The 140,000 square foot facility combines operations from five existing SCCAD facilities and was completed two months ahead of schedule and $2 million under budget
Accountable EMS systems: Why they are different and misunderstood, and perform better
An investigation was launched after the EMS board was notified of disparities in credit card statements
Many rural hospitals in the U.S. are struggling to stay open amid changes in their patient populations and how healthcare is provided
EMS providers should be on high alert for fraud and forgery in the patient care report
Forming a partnership with other EMS organizations in your region can improve the bottom line and provide better service to the community
Put your old way of thinking about benchmarking in the grave and adopt the improvement-oriented approach to benchmarking
Prior to the policy, personnel were permitted to respond to emergency calls in their personal vehicles if they were properly equipped
Currently, paramedics are legally only permitted to transport such patients to the hospital
Trans-Med acted as a back-up service when the association had to go out of service due to staff shortages