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How telemedicine can reduce, inform EMS transport decisions

- 11/12/2015

ORLANDO, Fla. — Telehealth, also known as telemedicine, is on the rise for treating a wide-variety of patient conditions. Pediatrician James Marcin, MD, MPH, University of California Davis, ...

EMTs must call hospital before transporting patients

- 10/30/2015

HOUSTON COUNTY, Tenn. — EMTs from Houston County are now required to call a hospital before transporting patients. The new county guidelines prohibit EMS providers from deciding where ...

Report: Medicare paid $30M for ambulance transports that never happened

- 09/29/2015

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar Associated Press WASHINGTON — Medicare paid $30 million for ambulance rides for which no record exists that patients got medical care at their destination, ...

Medic never put down smartphone while driving child to hospital

- 09/09/2015

Video captured by patient's mother and shared on Facebook shows the Philly firefighter using his smartphone while transporting the boy; the Fire Commissioner promises discipline

3 Calif. ambulance employees convicted in $2.4M Medicare fraud

- 08/20/2015

Daily Breeze GARDENA, Calif. — A federal jury convicted three employees of a Gardena-based ambulance company of participating in a $2.4 million Medicare fraud scheme, authorities announced ...

Time sensitive treatment vs. time sensitive transport

- 08/13/2015

By Ben Neal The tones drop for a 60 year-old female complaining of shortness of breath. You are met at the door by a frail looking male that simply states, “She’s pretty bad ...

How does EMS switch from volume-based to value-driven reimbursement?

- 08/05/2015

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The linkage between quality prehospital care and payment to EMS was presented to EMS leaders and chiefs at the Pinnacle EMS Leadership forum. The session presented ...

Psych patient transport: 5 tips to make it safe for providers and patients

- 08/04/2015

By Thom Dunn Recently, there has been concern about ambulance transport of psychiatric patients. Generally, these kinds of transports fall into two types: The patient is contacted in the field ...

Fundraising underway for EMTs injured when psych patient grabbed wheel of rig

- 07/30/2015 JUAB COUNTY, Utah — An ambulance paramedic injured in a rollover accident while transporting a patient was still in critical condition Tuesday afternoon. The accident occurred ...

Is an ambulance the right vehicle for psych patient transfers?

- 07/27/2015

Why do we use ambulances to transport medically-stable psychiatric patients from a community hospital to an in-patient psychiatric care or mental health facility? This questionable practice ...

Baltimore County FD to start charging for ambulance transport

- 07/21/2015

By Pamela Wood The Baltimore Sun BALTIMORE — Baltimore County plans to begin charging fees for ambulance rides — reversing a policy that for years has set the county apart from ...

Nurse joins Calif. ambulance crew to treat patients on site

- 07/15/2015

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Anaheim’s fire department has become the first in California to dispatch a nurse practitioner in an ambulance to treat non-urgent medical calls that would otherwise ...

Wis. firefighter shot while moving patient to ambulance

- 07/06/2015

The firefighter suffered a graze wound to the head; shots were fired in the direction of an ambulance as crews responded to a patient having trouble breathing

Wis. firefighter shot while moving patient to ambulance

- 07/06/2015

The Associated Press MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee firefighter suffered a graze wound after gunshots were fired at an ambulance. According to a city news release, the fire department's ...

Ambulance shortage has Ohio agency using SUVs

- 07/03/2015

Cleveland EMS is equipping supervisor SUVs to respond to emergencies and transport ambulatory patients

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