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Report: Medicare paid $30M for ambulance transports that never happened

- 09/29/2015

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar Associated Press WASHINGTON — Medicare paid $30 million for ambulance rides for which no record exists that patients got medical care at their destination, ...

Medic never put down smartphone while driving child to hospital

- 09/09/2015

Video captured by patient's mother and shared on Facebook shows the Philly firefighter using his smartphone while transporting the boy; the Fire Commissioner promises discipline

3 Calif. ambulance employees convicted in $2.4M Medicare fraud

- 08/20/2015

Daily Breeze GARDENA, Calif. — A federal jury convicted three employees of a Gardena-based ambulance company of participating in a $2.4 million Medicare fraud scheme, authorities announced ...

Time sensitive treatment vs. time sensitive transport

- 08/13/2015

By Ben Neal The tones drop for a 60 year-old female complaining of shortness of breath. You are met at the door by a frail looking male that simply states, “She’s pretty bad ...

How does EMS switch from volume-based to value-driven reimbursement?

- 08/05/2015

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The linkage between quality prehospital care and payment to EMS was presented to EMS leaders and chiefs at the Pinnacle EMS Leadership forum. The session presented ...

Psych patient transport: 5 tips to make it safe for providers and patients

- 08/04/2015

By Thom Dunn Recently, there has been concern about ambulance transport of psychiatric patients. Generally, these kinds of transports fall into two types: The patient is contacted in the field ...

Fundraising underway for EMTs injured when psych patient grabbed wheel of rig

- 07/30/2015 JUAB COUNTY, Utah — An ambulance paramedic injured in a rollover accident while transporting a patient was still in critical condition Tuesday afternoon. The accident occurred ...

Is an ambulance the right vehicle for psych patient transfers?

- 07/27/2015

Why do we use ambulances to transport medically-stable psychiatric patients from a community hospital to an in-patient psychiatric care or mental health facility? This questionable practice ...

Baltimore County FD to start charging for ambulance transport

- 07/21/2015

By Pamela Wood The Baltimore Sun BALTIMORE — Baltimore County plans to begin charging fees for ambulance rides — reversing a policy that for years has set the county apart from ...

Nurse joins Calif. ambulance crew to treat patients on site

- 07/15/2015

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Anaheim’s fire department has become the first in California to dispatch a nurse practitioner in an ambulance to treat non-urgent medical calls that would otherwise ...

Wis. firefighter shot while moving patient to ambulance

- 07/06/2015

The firefighter suffered a graze wound to the head; shots were fired in the direction of an ambulance as crews responded to a patient having trouble breathing

Wis. firefighter shot while moving patient to ambulance

- 07/06/2015

The Associated Press MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee firefighter suffered a graze wound after gunshots were fired at an ambulance. According to a city news release, the fire department's ...

Ambulance shortage has Ohio agency using SUVs

- 07/03/2015

Cleveland EMS is equipping supervisor SUVs to respond to emergencies and transport ambulatory patients

Ambulance shortage has Ohio agency using SUVs

- 07/03/2015

By Scott Taylor WOIO CLEVELAND — The City of Cleveland does not have enough ambulances to put on the streets so don't be shocked if you see an SUV pull up to your front door if ...

50 at homeless shelter ill from suspected food poisoning

- 06/01/2015

EMTs received multiple reports of people vomiting, and used a bus to transport those sickened to area hospitals

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