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Collaborations show a paradigm shift for EMS

- 08/11/2015

In the past couple of days there have been a few more stories showing EMS providers performing un-EMS duties that not only benefit the patient, but the community overall through more effective ...

1 killed, 11 injured in Ark. shooting

- 08/11/2015

The Associated Press BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. — A woman was killed and 11 people suffered minor injuries in a shooting at a home in northeastern Arkansas, authorities said Sunday as they asked ...

Medical center to take over Tenn. county's ambulance service

- 08/10/2015

The agreement is "practically a done deal," but some are concerned that the hospital filed for bankruptcy last year

Medical center to take over Tenn. county's ambulance service

- 08/10/2015

By Tyler Jett Chattanooga Times WALKER COUNTY, Tenn. — The price tag for Walker County's ambulance service sits somewhere between free and $2 million. When the governing body ...

2 EMS providers treated at hospital after assault by patient

- 08/10/2015

By Harrison Cahill The State SUMTER, S.C. — A Columbia man was taken into custody after he assaulted two Emergency Medical Service workers who attempting to treat him Sunday afternoon, ...

Suspect who shot at police at Ferguson rally critically injured

- 08/10/2015

By Jim Salter and Jim Suhr The Associated Press FERGUSON, Mo. — A suspect who authorities say opened fire on officers in Ferguson, Missouri, on the anniversary of Michael Brown's ...

NYC sees surge in synthetic pot use

- 08/08/2015

By Tom Hays The Associated Press NEW YORK — Ignoring the police officers standing down the block and the disingenuous fine print on the foil packet peeking out of his front pocket ...

Paramedic-run wound care team treats pediatric patients in Fla. ER

- 08/08/2015

The program gives medics an expanded role in a different health care setting, and frees up nursing staff to work with more patients

Paramedic-run wound care team treats pediatric patients in Fla. ER

- 08/08/2015

By Naseem S. Miller Orlando Sentinel ORLANDO, Fla. — There's a special team at the emergency department of Nemours Children's Hospital that has one main responsibility: taking ...

Ohio county to get $1M mobile stroke unit

- 08/07/2015

By Marlene Harris-Taylor The Blade TOLEDO, Ohio — When Lucas County residents call 911 because they think they’re having a stroke, they may soon find an extra emergency medical ...

Ala. patient tests negative for Ebola

- 08/06/2015

The Associated Press BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Alabama state health officials say a patient whose symptoms caused concerns about Ebola has tested negative for the virus. The Alabama Department ...

2 dead, 3 injured in Toronto nightclub shooting

- 08/05/2015

By Rob Gillies The Associated Press TORONTO — A shooting that started at a Toronto nightclub event hosted by rapper Drake and then spilled outside onto the streets left at least two ...

How does EMS switch from volume-based to value-driven reimbursement?

- 08/05/2015

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The linkage between quality prehospital care and payment to EMS was presented to EMS leaders and chiefs at the Pinnacle EMS Leadership forum. The session presented ...

University Medical Center, the Charity Hospital replacement, opens in New Orleans

- 08/02/2015

Cain Burdeau Associated Press NEW ORLEANS — Ten years after the levees and floodwalls broke during Hurricane Katrina and flooded New Orleans, the Big Easy finally has a full-scale ...

EMT student extricates boy whose mom died in car crash

- 07/29/2015

She stayed with the 10-year-old until responders arrived, and visited him in the hospital during his recovery

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