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Woman live streams video of drunken driving

- 10/13/2015

Some concerned viewers called 911, others urged her to stop driving before she caused a crash.

Woman live-streams video of drunken driving

- 10/13/2015

Associated Press LAKELAND, Fla. — Authorities say 911 calls from concerned viewers led to the arrest of a Florida woman who was streaming live video of herself while driving drunk. Lakeland ...

ND EMS agency sees jump in ambulance need

- 10/13/2015

Jennifer Johnson Grand Forks Herald GRAND FORKS, N.D. — Altru Health System in Grand Forks has seen a 15 percent increase in ambulance calls this year, but there is no clear reason ...

911 call: Man tells dispatcher he is "too high" on marijuana

- 10/12/2015

Police found the Ohio man, 22, on the floor in the fetal position and surrounded by snacks

EMS, police respond 7 times to 'rescue' body in Detroit front yard

- 10/08/2015

By Christy Strawser CBS Detroit DETROIT — It’s not exactly life-like, with its white cotton head and black body, but lying there face down on the grass, totally slack, with its ...

Butt dials: 30 percent of 911 calls in San Francisco

- 10/06/2015

SAN FRANCISCO — A Google research project found that 30 percent of San Francisco’s 911 calls coming from mobiles are accidental "butt dials"; calls accidentally made. Even ...

Milwaukee launches community paramedics

- 09/29/2015

The program will focus on treating chronic medical conditions and assist patients before they need to call 911.

Milwaukee launches community paramedics

- 09/29/2015

MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee Fire Department has started a community paramedic program to cut down the number of emergency calls the department receives because of chronic illnesses. The ...

Boy delivers his baby brother with help from 911 dispatcher

- 09/28/2015

When his mother went into labor at home, the 11-year-old called 911 and followed the dispatcher's instructions.

Boy delivers his baby brother with help from 911 dispatcher

- 09/28/2015

Associated Press MARIETTA, Ga. — An 11-year-old Georgia boy delivered his baby brother with help from a 911 dispatcher. According to WSB-TV Kenyarda Dukes, of Marietta, says she and ...

Study: Individual factors, not neighborhood, determine who calls EMS for stroke

- 09/25/2015

WASHINGTON — Neighborhood factors do not influence the use of EMS for stroke as strongly as individual factors do, despite earlier indications that socio-demographic characteristics of ...

Woman calls 911 after Bigfoot sighting

- 09/22/2015

The woman said the creature was carrying a baby like a human would, but the footprints she saw could not have been human.

Woman calls 911 after Bigfoot sighting

- 09/22/2015

By Angela Hatcher WSET BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. — He's a legend. Most say a myth. People hunt for him on reality television. But a Bedford County woman says her story is no joke.  ...

Man tries to drown 3 children; begs 911 for help

- 09/21/2015

By Emery P. Dalesio Associated Press DURHAM, N.C. — A North Carolina man tried to drown his three children in a pond at an apartment complex and then begged a 911 dispatcher to send ...

Man killed while on 911 call, seeking help for friend

- 09/17/2015

By Jeffrey Collins Associated Press PICKENS, S.C. — After a retired South Carolina high school football coach was shot to death, his neighbor went to check on him and was also killed ...

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