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Vehicle Safety

One simple trick we can take from our fire service friends to stabilize a vehicle
Help keep you, your crew and your patient safe at motor vehicle collision scenes
An ambulance security New Year’s resolution
Electric vehicles tore through guardrails and hardly slowed after hitting concrete barriers
The time has come for electric vehicles in EMS
Approximately 45% of the state’s MVA’s had a confirmed or suspected distracted driver
13,400 people were killed in DUI crashes in 2021, costing $280 billion in medical expenses, lost wages and loss of quality of life
Approximately $25,000 has been budgeted to give vehicle training to first responders
Ventilators and monitors will be safely secured inside the 19 MEDIC EMS ambulances
The NBC docuseries follows units in Los Angeles County, highlighting the positivity of the profession but also a problematic safety issue
Orlando will begin testing two driverless buses that will run daily on traditional bus routes
We can apply the 5 Es of CRR to distracted driving to better protect our first responders operating on roadways
Both vehicles were responding to a report of a drowning; the victim was treated by EMS at the scene and was reported as stable
Tuesday’s theme aims to foster a culture of safety, collaboration and preparedness within the EMS industry and in local communities
EMS1 tours Horton ambulances equipped with a new restraint system
U.S. EMS agencies have been ordering options that make rigs safer and more comfortable for providers and patients
Truckee Meadows Fire & Rescue Chief Charles Moore was transported with chest injuries and abrasions
Enhanced visibility, compact storage and easy deployment make the old familiar new again, while improving safety for emergency responders
The suspect was found to possess 20 guns and 4 grams of meth and had been considering stealing the fire truck and ambulance, Rochester police said
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 31,785 people were killed in crashes from January through September last year, down 0.2% from the same period of 2021
Acadian’s John Mitchell Crow suffered fatal injuries even though he was wearing a seat belt; a paramedic and their patient were injured
5 ways a good partner can make the shift go more smoothly and improve patient and provider safety
More and more departments are adding blocking units to protect emergency scenes
The ERSI has already tracked 34 first responder roadway-incident deaths in 2022 and an average of two struck-by incidents daily
Plum EMS use cases demonstrate when the risk of using L&S is lower than the risk of delaying a lifesaving intervention
A second Fort Osage Fire Protection District member also was hurt when a brush truck became surrounded by heavy smoke and was destroyed
Download your copy, featuring red lights and siren myths, traffic incident management and safe lifting tips
Beginning in October, drivers must change lanes or slow down for any stopped vehicle showing hazards or caution signals
The UT Health East Texas ambulance flipped onto its side on a wet road; the crew was not transporting a patient at the time of the incident