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Traffic Incident Management

Putting traffic incident management into practice can help us influence high-frequency, high-risk environments we can’t control
MedStar’s Matt Zavadsky and NASEMSO’s Dia Gainor discuss traffic incident management and EMS’s role in multi-agency response after 133 vehicle pileup
Breaking down police, fire rescue, EMS roles in a traffic incident management system
Snow, fog, smoke and dust: 4 tips for operating in dangerous roadway conditions
Smoke from wetland fires mixed with fog to create a “super fog,” causing several crashes on I-55 near New Orleans
A driver is dead after his car collided with a school bus on I-90 near Wells
First responders in Lowndes County were on the scene of a crash when the car went flying up the ramp of the tow truck
Multiple departments responded to a crash in Barron County that killed two people and critically injured three
In one incident, a fire captain’s helmet was knocked out of his arm by a vehicle that nearly hit him
Firefighters struggled to maneuver apparatus and calls were made to deliver sand and kitty litter for the roads
Some highway travel officials suggested that emptier roads led to more opportunities to abuse speed
The Independence Day holiday can increase the number of intoxicated patients and bystanders you’re likely to encounter on your shift so be careful out there
Two Acadian Ambulance EMTs and two bystanders were struck while tending to an accident victim
The Nash County EMS providers did not sustain life-threatening injuries and cared for the injured vehicle occupants