NY ambulance help denied unless fee is paid to city

Lancaster Volunteer Ambulance Corps' help denied in Buffalo because the EMS agency won't pay a licensing fee to the city

By Claudine Ewing

BUFFALO, N.Y. — There are times when the ambulance company that has a contract with the city of Buffalo is running low or the "no ambulance" call comes across the scanners. Rural/Metro can get assistance from Lancaster Volunteer Ambulance Corps (LVAC), but not in the city.

The neighboring ambulance company wants to help, but according to LVAC's Vice President Jeffery Bono-Queeno, it comes down to money. "They (Rural/Metro) are not allowed to use us because the Fire Commissioner will not recognize it because we won't pay the licensing fees to the City of Buffalo," he said. "We are the only back up system, mutual aid company for Rural/Metro. They do not have a mutual aid agreement with any other ambulance company in the area, just us." LVAC does assist Rural/Metro in other areas across Western New York.

When Buffalo Police were heard over the scanner last Sunday saying they were "16th in line" for an ambulance for a police-involved motor vehicle accident, Bono-Queeno said his company could have responded in ten minutes or less.

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