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The research reviews topic contains the latest reviews, information, education and training tips for EMS providers.

The importance of community involvement in advancing EMS research and quality
Real-world data of high-dose naloxone administration by law enforcement officers found no added benefit to opioid overdose patients
“There is no substitute for experience. Yet, regardless of experience level, it is important to consider how EMS education can teach situational awareness”
The report focused on trending injury data such as penetrating trauma, fractures, hospital events and the Injury Severity Score summary
Obstetrics studies reveal best practices in newborn suctioning, umbilical cord clamping
What the research says about calcium in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
Exploring the infection control benefits of chlorhexidine, alcohol, betadine and povidone iodine-alcohol
“GCS <8; intubate” may be endangered, but not totally deserving of extinction
Examining the research on physician- vs. paramedic-led teams
Waveform capnography provides a non-invasive, accurate assessment of a patient’s ventilatory status
Identify possible risk factors for pregnancy, and connect women and families to local resources
A Vanderbilt University Medical Center study compared intubation attempts in over 1,400 patients in hospitals across the nation
What does the latest study mean for prehospital use of TXA?
Dr. Ginny Renkiewicz shares research on vicarious trauma, post-traumatic stress, and the aftereffects of the COVID-19 pandemic
Continuing the mission of emergency services legends, leaders and champions