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Random Acts of Kindness

“It’s not that kindness and altruism in our profession – and the world in general – is becoming rarer, it’s that it happens so often that it’s not news”
From fulfilling dying wishes to finishing house work for a patient, EMS providers performed some pretty incredible acts of kindness this year
Charles Avery, the EMS programs director at Bainbridge State College, realized he needed to create an all-out celebration of Blair Williams’ dream after meeting her for the first time
After transporting him home from the hospital, First Response Paramedic Maisie Vance noticed James Koch didn’t have any food or clean clothes
After seeing AMR members being mistreated by some people being tested, Carol Forward said she was impressed by their professionalism and inspired to thank them for their work
Rockland paramedics completed the patient’s delivery run to put him at ease after the crash
Superior Ambulance Paramedic Matt Mettenburg received a commendation for going out to buy supplies for the child after he was taken to the police station
Forsyth County EMT Steven Plante spread joy to residents and his crew with a piano rendition of “My Heart Will Go On”
When Army veteran Prince Pinkney, 83, became overheated while working on his lawn, a Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue crew treated him and then picked up where he left off
The commission, which normally has a “zero tolerance” policy on gifts for public officials, will allow some exceptions during the COVID-19 pandemic
When Harold Storelee, 88, broke his hip while cutting his grass, West Thurston Firefighter-EMTs made sure he both he and his lawn were well taken care of
First responders performed a welfare check after the woman told a healthcare worker she was unable to buy food after having surgery
Two Delaware EMS providers walked three blocks to bring a patient’s perishable groceries home after a medical emergency
EMS1 readers share the patient comments that brightened their day, and reminded them why they chose a career in emergency services
Medic 2 crew returned to the scene of an earlier medical call to finish up mowing for the owner
After Firefighter Mitch Lundgaard died in a shooting last month, former EMT Chad Weston felt compelled to honor his memory in a tribute
A Harrisburg Fire Department crew stepped in to watch two boys after it was determined their parents needed to be transported to the hospital
Mobile Life Support Services Paramedic and U.S. Army Sergeant Dan Rivera and EMT Larry Lawless picked up the flag and brought it to the police department
A crowd of Patriots fans can be seen dislodging an ambulance that became stuck in the mud during a victory parade in Boston
Two Cedar Rapids Fire Department first responders shoveled snow outside a house as the rest of the crew helped deliver a baby inside
The marble piece is a gift to the station after a rescuer there pulled artist Eric Waller and a friend from a car wreck in June 2012
Firefighters, EMS providers and police officers surprised the Pierro family with gifts and well wishes a month after 6-year-old Kierra underwent cardiac arrest
Xavier, 7, received a new bike as a reward for when he called 911 and calmly reported his mother was “on the floor unresponsive”
After a crash left their mother dead and their father and sister hospitalized, five kids were given a Christmas surprise by the St. Louis Fire Department
The Jerry W. Waters Scholarship Endowment will help students in Aiken Technical College’s EMS department receive training to help save other people’s lives
After helping a quadriplegic whose wheelchair slid off the ramp leading to his home, Okaloosa County EMS crew members came back on their own time to fix the ramp
B.C. Emergency Health Services paramedics showed support for their colleague, Sharon Unger, by doing something to “make her laugh”
Heartland Ambulance Service transported Karen Vaughn to the polls after a mix-up with her absentee ballot required her to vote in person
Concealed notes and money in plastic bags that say, “You are awesome,” were left on ambulance windshields for EMS providers to find