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Ohio FF-paramedics finish mowing lawn for owner taken to ER

Medic 2 crew returned to the scene of an earlier medical call to finish up mowing for the owner


Firefighter mows the lawn of a homeowner.

Photo/City of Vandalia Division of Fire

By Dayton Daily News, Ohio

VANDALIA, Ohio — A medic crew returned to a house Friday to finish mowing the lawn for a homeowner they took to a local emergency department.

The Vandalia Division of Fire Medic 2 crew of firefighters Monroe and Webb mowed the lawn for the owner.

The fire department posted photos for its Facebook page.[0]=68.ARBedmpO7bdEYWVy0abaiawB7lGgJStjxmddLIhjAL32KlIjGC9a2H5CMzS7QYif5J2d2nh2myEieFIBJkdHImmdnFphqjnVK1BsTZ_OP4PxPVCaXSFXOXWIZIfuF5tr2mTiaVdSOdSXwYa6HbDvWuCq7rs2K37zdKQ30vmK-ycwhA3R5aIM0pskQFVFM4p5tYOh_aCUrRCq8PK63gXaltAyPYYOEkmf3T2kVwfA_sdFdQNaaWUJGJ9Xhn9ffda5mhOlHE7-NFBFTLDgCOk9j-OV4AJmdslqmfdDRooivyNiKVtxoDsPW1tQST__7kNIX13Xh3pHZM13VV7KwktkgVKpBA&__tn__=-R


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