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Former EMT pens letter to family of fallen firefighter

After Firefighter Mitch Lundgaard died in a shooting last month, former EMT Chad Weston felt compelled to honor his memory in a tribute

By News Staff

TOWN OF BRANDON, Wis. — A former Omro EMT wrote a letter on his personal blog to the widow of fallen Firefighter Mitch Lundgaard, who was killed during a shooting at a Wis. transit station in May.

NBC 26 reported that Chad Weston, a former EMT, wrote a letter on his personal blog, after feeling a connection to Mitch, despite not knowing him.

“I thought, well, you know what, if this were to happen to me, if I was just taken away while driving my car, I want my loved ones to know at least I was thinking about them,” Weston said.

Weston posted the letter on his Facebook and received dozens of comments thanking him for the tribute.

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