Digging up droperidol

Targeting mental health emergencies with a true anti-psychotic

We’ve recently rolled out a new medication protocol here at MCHD. We’re progressive for the patient’s sake.  It starts with a clinical gap or area for improvement.  The implementation of droperidol is multifaceted.  First off, availability plays a role.  Also, the recent ketamine issues in Colorado, South Carolina and Minnesota have led to significant introspection about better targeted pharmacology in our undifferentiated patients with agitation.

On this episode of the MCHD Paramedic Podcast, join the medical directors to discuss the why, when and how behind MCHD’s droperidol protocol. Like many pharmacologic treatments in emergency medicine, old becomes new again!

They answer:

  • What is droperidol?
  • Why not haldol?
  • Why not ketamine?
  • How do we pick the right patients for droperidol?
  • What are MCHDs indications and dosing?
  • What about the FDA black box warning?
  • Is there EMS evidence for droperidol?
  • What is the future hold for droperidol at MCHD?
  • What if it doesn’t work?


Listen to next:

Listen to next:

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