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Our co-hosts discuss an FDNY, NYPD collaborative pilot program that allows special teams comprised of mental health professionals and EMS providers to answer non-violent mental health 911 calls
The man refused treatment after EMS was called to his apartment for injuries he received in a prior motorcycle crash
The FDNY and the NYPD are reviewing drones that can drop flotation devices, electromagnetic shark deterrents
The NYPD said the driver appeared to be having some type of mental crisis
A stolen vehicle went onto a sidewalk near Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan before driving the wrong way and striking another vehicle
Caiden Mora had a big smile as NYPD vehicles, FDNY firetrucks, EMS vehicles and a motorcycle drove by in a first responder parade
Mayor Eric Adams says he wants LEOs and medics to more aggressively get severely mentally ill individuals off the streets and subways and into treatment
Thomas McCauley also faces multiple charges of criminal possession of a weapon in connection with the shooting of EMT Richard McMahon
NYPD Officer Alyssa Vogel applied a tourniquet and rushed the girl to a nearby FDNY ambulance
FDNY EMS union officials have expressed concerns about the plan, which will begin rolling out in three Harlem and East Harlem police precincts later this year
A man is facing charges after posting a video of himself passed out behind the wheel in Times Square — just to get thousands of views
FDNY Chief of EMS Operations Lillian Bonsignore called the attack at the scene of a three-alarm fire “unbelievable and despicable”
Police say the EMT stole more than $30,000 worth of belongings after assisting responding EMTs in getting him to the hospital