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The emergency physicians who resuscitated Damar Hamlin share their insights into SCA and CPR training
Community risk reduction and improving mental health resources for providers
While possible R-on-T phenomenon could induce cardiac arrest, treatment is the same: standard AHA protocols for VF arrest
Fans in Crown Point said in a post published on April Fools’ Day that too much attention is given to the Chicago Bears for the AED fundraiser
The Cincinnati Heroes Scholarships are named after those who assisted Hamlin when he suffered sudden cardiac arrest on the field
R.I. Firefighter Anthony Colella and Mass. Firefighter Mark McCullough administered CPR for 10 minutes until the man regained consciousness
“As we all know, CPR saved my life earlier this year,” Hamlin said at the event. “Ever since, I’ve just always wanted to do my part in raising awareness and the importance of CPR.”
Osborn and his Uber driver helped pull the man from the vehicle to safety, and waited with him for first responders to arrive
Hundreds of law enforcement officers and about 200 firefighters will be on hand, and two emergency medical tents will be in place
Crews added more than 2,000 wireless network antennas and additional improvements in and around State Farm Stadium and the Phoenix metro area
Grant Calcaterra applied to be a firefighter with the Los Angeles Fire Department before returning to college football
At the NFL Honors on Thursday, first responders, trainers and the hospital staff who treated Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin were honored as he appeared on stage
Medical professionals lament how quickly ESPN cut away from the life-saving actions of medical staff after the collapse of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin
The NFL safety “continues to progress remarkably in his recovery,” the team says
EMS1 readers expressed their support for the on-field medical team, speculated on a possible diagnosis and wished safety Damar Hamlin a full recovery
Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin appeared to collapse following a play on the field; trainers from both teams rushed to his aid and an ambulance was brought on the turf
This week’s photo captures a tense moment during Monday night’s NFL game between the Bills and the Tennessee Titans
Verizon’s “The Team that Wouldn’t Be Here” series consists of 12 commercials and a documentary featuring NFL stars who owe their lives to first responders
“The Team that Wouldn’t Be Here” shares the stories of NFL players who were saved by first responders
The Rams brought first responders and victims togther in no more than few days’ time, and gave away thousands of tickets to those most affected by the tragedies
Max, Christian and Dylan McCaffrey saved Dan Smoker after he fell while climbing down from the top of Castle Rock
The Buffalo Bills named AMR as their official ambulance provider and will service all emergency transportation needs during home games
The 4th annual First Responders Night included 150 responders holding the American flag while EMT Sarah McShane sang
Coach Pete Carroll said the real heroes of Sunday night’s game were the paramedics from Seattle Fire Department, who rushed to the aid of Rees Odhiambo
Linda Kimball allegedly used racist language when criticizing members of the New England Patriots for kneeling during the National Anthem
Retired NFL player Neil Smith ran through waist-high water to rescue the stranded driver
The New York Jets’ selections will be held at FDNY EMS Station 25
Emergency responders immediately tried to help the fan that fell 60 feet at the Denver Broncos’ stadium Monday night
Tebow prayed over a fan who had a seizure during the game, and waited with him until paramedics arrived