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Photo of the Week: Las Vegas cardiac program sees nearly 100 young athletes

The Vegas Has a Heart event detected ECG irregularities in two athletes



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By EMS1 Staff

LAS VEGAS — On March 23, at Democracy Prep at Andre Agassi Campus, the first Vegas Has a Heart event, powered by Who We Play For and featuring devices from Cardiac Insight, successfully screened 95 young athletes. The event detected two ECG irregularities, one potentially life-threatening.

Dr. Ricardo Samson of Children’s Heart Center Nevada validated these findings, underscoring the importance of early detection, Cardiac Insight stated in a press release.

Cardiac Insight is proud to have supported this crucial initiative, highlighting the vital role of proactive cardiac health management in athletics.

“This event was beyond successful, knowing that we were able to detect issues with a child who otherwise might have had a life-threatening situation,” Senior Vice President of Marketing at Cardiac Insight Renee Kim said.

The event was attended by notable guests including Jett Washington from Gorman High School, Dr. Jessica Zardnt, team physician for the Las Vegas Raiders, Ron Futrell of Channel 8 Sports, A.J. Palluck, Senior Director of Operations at Las Vegas Athletic Club, Vincent Versher, NFL Alumni Director of Memberships, and Ralph Maccarone, Chairman of Who We Play For.

Prompted by the event’s success, Cardiac Insight has initiated a rapidly growing waiting list, further underscoring the community’s demand for accessible cardiac health resources.