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Baby boy overdosed on fentanyl found at San Francisco playground, report says

Paramedics administered naloxone to the infant, who had been crawling on grass and putting leaves in his mouth


Seconds after the naloxone dose, the infant was breathing again.

AP Photo/Robert Schermer

By David Luces
Staten Island Advance

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — An infant boy in California allegedly overdosed on fentanyl he found while crawling around in a playground, according to a report.

Sena, a 10-month-old, was playing with his brother at George Moscone Park in the Marina District on Tuesday afternoon when he began struggling to breathe and turned blue, his nanny told

She detailed that the baby had been crawling in the grass and putting leaves in his mouth before suddenly falling ill, according to

“I shook him, and I’m like, something’s wrong,” Wendy Marroqui said to “I saw his face and he was dizzy. I thought ‘he’s not breathing.’”

Paramedics arriving at the scene administered a life-saving dose of the anti-opioid medication Narcan. Within seconds, the infant was breathing again, the report said. Hospital tests later confirmed the infant had fentanyl in his system, according to the report.

“I just wanted to let people know that along with coyotes and RSV and COVID, this is another thing to add to your checklist of things that you’re looking out for [as a parent], because we weren’t,” Ivan Matkovic, 35, who founded the tech consulting company Spendgo, told

Police said the boy’s likeliest exposure was powder.

Matkovic praised his nanny’s heroic actions.

“Really if it wasn’t for her and her fast reactions, we might not be with our son today,” he said.


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