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Labor and Delivery

Obstetrics studies reveal best practices in newborn suctioning, umbilical cord clamping
Identify possible risk factors for pregnancy, and connect women and families to local resources
American Ambulance Paramedic Mindy Fisher shares tips for these high-stress cases and a delivery story from the field
Lompoc firefighters rescued all three of them, and EMS transported the mother and child to a hospital
Ghana National Ambulance Service Senior EMT Abraham Tetteh was killed while transporting a pregnant woman to the hospital
Army Paramedic Falaq Gaither’s wife Pamela was in labor when the crash brought traffic to a standstill
Paramedic Marian Anson and EMT Michelle Guidotti were VIP guests at Baby Oliver’s adoption party
Contra Costa County Firefighter Karl Taugher’s put his training into action when he realized he and his wife wouldn’t get to the hospital in time
Paramedic Amber Clemmons said she never expected the first baby she delivered would be her own nephew
The delivery of baby girl Phoebe James on Oct. 26 was one of the first calls for the Commack Volunteer Ambulance Corps’ newly-acquired ambulance
A rookie 911 operator guided the mother after the birth of the first twin during a storm; the ambulance continued to the hospital after it was rear-ended
Okaloosa County EMS providers and firefighters performed water rescues and helped with the delivery of two babies in the midst of the storm
A Georgia woman who gave birth in the middle of a car crash was unable to find her newborn in the immediate aftermath
Customers cheered as firefighters and a labor nurse who happened to be in the store helped deliver the baby girl
The specialized ambulance aims to quickly transport expectant mothers to Level III NICU and is staffed with a multidisciplinary medical team
Dispatcher Alexandra Norris said the call was the most memorable moment of her dispatching career so far
This week, officials of a small New Jersey city located on a barrier island honored first responders who helped in the historic delivery
Rapid Rural Response Paramedics helped Katie Daley deliver her fifth baby in the back of an ambulance
New recommendations suggest waiting at least 30 to 60 seconds after birth for all healthy newborns
The APGAR score is considered the standard in newborn evaluation
A man came running up to the emergency department’s reception area just as I sat there finishing paperwork from a simple chest pain call
CPA by day, EMT-CC Gary Stehr gladly answers a third of his agency’s calls
The woman was killed after her car swerved off the road and hit another vehicle
Officials pulled the ambulance over to deliver the baby
A combined effort from bystanders, paramedics and the fire department saved the life of a woman and her baby
Several babies were delivered under unusual circumstances during the record-breaking snowstorm
While the county’s fire and rescue was sent to the residence, the dispatcher talked the father through the delivery of a healthy baby boy
Police say Tony Schmucker, 37, had a medical emergency causing him to veer off the road
The Colo. AMR paramedic delivered his daughter on New Year’s Eve in the car on the way to the hospital