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This issue features articles on the opioid epidemic’s impact on responders and how EMS is leading the charge in the post-overdose survival phase of the addiction cycle
Lisa Cassidy took action after noticing the amount of opioid overdose calls crews with St. Charles County Ambulance District were running
"… not my addiction” humanizes opioid addiction and affirms the paramedic reviewer’s belief in the importance of compassionate treatment
Madison County providers reportedly had to shake the woman, who was unresponsive at the wheel of her vehicle, causing her to hit the gas pedal
“This is black, necrotic tissue destruction,” said UCLA researcher Joseph Friedman
The provisional 2021 total marked a 15% increase from the previous record, which was set in 2020
The Statewide Opioid Reporting Directive allows participating agencies to recognize and respond to overdose increases in their coverage area
Wilson County EMS will begin rolling out a program to leave behind kits that contain naloxone and materials to help dispose of opioids after overdose calls
Experts say stronger drugs and scarce treatment are leading to a sharp increase in opioid overdoses and deaths in Cook County
Police say the woman became combative with family members who were trying to give her Narcan
The woman was being transported to the hospital after telling police she had injected heroin, officials say
The man took a plea deal after stealing the ambulance from a hospital where he was being treated for heroin withdrawal
Heroin cut with a synthetic cannabinoid has been connected to several recent overdoses in the city
Police say Raymond Kibby stole the ambulance from outside the hospital where he was receiving treatment for heroin withdrawal
In a 911 call, the suspect’s oldest child is heard sobbing while trying to give dispatchers the location of the minivan