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The museum is honoring the anniversary of Sept. 11 with a new exhibit, “Recovery and Reflection, Celebrating the 9/11 Tribute”
Retired FDNY Firefighter Lee Ielpi’s mission to collect and share WTC steel focuses on remembrance and education
The stabbing death of Capt. Alison Russo-Elling brings up new fears for providers in the field and raises old questions regarding personal safety
The FDNY will be using additional data from the university to look at increasing traffic and call volume
The policy states that anyone who provides treatment before the patient arrives at the hospital must wear a surgical mask
A section of a boom truck collapsed while workers in Manhattan were moving rebar
A train carrying approximately 300 people struck a stopped train at a Manhattan station
One patient was pinned underneath a food truck, and a police officer was injured in the Manhattan incident
Two paramedics and two EMTs were allegedly drunk during a retirement party at their Bronx station
Firefighters breached a wall but held off on using torches to cut the steel plating
An FDNY ambulance was struck by an SUV while en route to a hospital
The FDNY and the NYPD are reviewing drones that can drop flotation devices, electromagnetic shark deterrents
22 years after the terror attacks, the number of the dead related to their exposure while working in the rescue and recovery efforts equals the number killed in the collapses
Mayor Eric Adams has announced a 5% budget reduction and directed uniformed agencies to reduce overtime costs
Communities across the country pay tribute with moments of silence, tolling bells, candlelight vigils and other activities