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Emergency Driving

You can’t help anyone if you don’t get there safely; always practice defensive driving, especially when you’re responding to an emergency call
Current challenges, issues and solutions common to both U.S. and Australia EMS, including hospital handovers and lights and siren responses
5 ways a good partner can make the shift go more smoothly and improve patient and provider safety
Improved communication, ergonomics and ride lead to better patient outcomes and better working environments for paramedics and EMTs
Children of the patient killed in the April crash say the EMT failed to maintain control of the ambulance
The patient died at the scene, and the Johnson County Ambulance District medic who was in the back suffered lacerations to his head
The patient and two Ambitrans EMS providers were injured
After an ambulance with its lights and siren on was forced to drive onto a median to avoid a collision, Harmony EMS issued a reminder to pull over
Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Doug Barfield described the suspects as “two knuckleheads on motorcycles that are just weaving in and out”
Baton Rouge police found that the EMS provider who had been driving the ambulance immediately rendered aid and took Kiyana Baskin, 20, to a hospital
The institute asks first responders to report incidents and plans to analyze the data
There is a groundswell of support to change how lights and sirens are used in EMS to reduce risk to ambulance crews, patients and others
Changing just one of many variables that impact EMS response to 911 calls points to the complexity of changing average response times
The $32 million 40-acre San Diego-area facility includes a track where fire, police and EMS personnel can practice driving emergency vehicles
The impact COVID-19 had, and didn’t have, the changes we’re embracing and the change providers want to see