Survey: EMS respondents less likely to get COVID-19 vaccine than the general public

3 takeaways from our recent survey on EMS influenza and COVID-19 vaccination policies, practices and perceptions

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the EMS industry in the United States. An untold number of EMTs and paramedics have been exposed to the virus, hundreds or possibly thousands have missed work because of COVID-19 related-illness, and at least 37 EMS providers have died from COVID-19.  

A vital step in a return to normal for EMS and the rest of the population is a viable COVID-19 vaccine. With four candidate vaccines currently in Phase 3 clinical testing, the U.S. federal government has told states to prepare for a COVID-19 vaccine to be ready to distribute by November 1. 

To better understand EMS agency vaccination mandates, and provider practices, and how these might impact COVID-19 vaccination amongst frontline personnel, EMS1 developed a 13-question survey, open from Aug. 20, 2020, to Sept. 11, 2020. A total of 528 responses were collected using a Microsoft Form, from EMS medical first responders (3%), EMTs (25%), AEMTs (7%), paramedics (46%), supervisors (10%), chiefs (8%) and medical directors (0.2%). 

Following are three insights from the survey results. Click here for an in-depth analysis of the findings.  

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