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Engaging payers, the medical director, administrators and field providers was key to MedStar’s successful telehealth implementation
Incorporating real-time and body-worn camera footage into emergency preparedness, training and response
U.S. EMS agencies have been ordering options that make rigs safer and more comfortable for providers and patients
Parker County Hospital District EMS expressed its commitment to providing high-quality care and being transparent in its actions
Sen. Doris Turner said that Earl Moore Jr.'s death inspired the legislation
Upton police, fire and EMS members and mutual aid partners carried the man out of a wooded area and transported him to a hospital
Using an app that shares GPS coordinates, Deerfield firefighters were directed to the injured man’s location
In partnership with legal firm Page, Wolfberg & Wirth, the NEMSIS TAC created a quickstart guide for legal considerations for EMS agencies
The Genesee County Board of Commissioners approved a more than $263,000 purchase of camera systems that officials say will help avoid costly lawsuits
The councilman said the show exploits the trauma of the city’s residents
Learn how providers can increase their visibility and awareness of approaching hazards in the field to identify potential risks
Sen. Dave Miramant said the bill, which would require transports to be recorded, is aiming to improve patient care
Body-worn cameras can provide important support for EMS providers, but it’s important to understand the key issues before implementing a BWC program
This issue features articles on the challenges of and lessons learned from several important innovations
Although crashes haven’t been eliminated, their numbers have reduced significantly and use of seat belts has increased since cameras were installed
A study on EMS documentation accuracy using body-worn cameras discussed at EMS World Expo
The district will use video and audio recordings for safety and quality review purposes, such as accident and injury investigations
The widespread use of body-worn cameras by police is leading some paramedic chiefs to consider cameras for EMS personnel
The cameras should improve safety by giving fire truck and ambulance drivers a way to see what is going on outside of their vehicles
Thanks to AVLs and DriveCams, police were able to locate a stolen ambulance and identify the perpetrator
Comply with federal and state laws to fully realize the significant benefits of EMS use of drive cams and body cams
He opened the car’s back door and continued filming what police called “a young man’s dying moments” before paramedics and police arrived
A photo shows the man posing for a cell phone picture in front of a multi-vehicle crash where responders freed a woman with a leg injury
Here are some current and future benefits of audio or video recording of EMS calls, and legal questions your department should ask before installing cameras
From getting consent to the technological challenges of managing recordings, here’s what EMS managers should consider before installing cameras in ambulances
A Canadian paramedics’ union claims a new policy to equip ambulances with cameras that can view the road and the inside of the cab is breaching privacy laws
A REMSA employee cited HIPAA and asked a reporter to stop filming a man resisting police in a public space