Video: Detroit ambulance stranded, surrounded by gunfire

Footage shows paramedics calling for help as near-constant shots ring out New Year's Eve, waiting 1 hour before tow truck arrives

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. — Two paramedics were trapped in their broken-down ambulance as almost constant gunfire rang out around them in Detroit on New Year's Eve.

Video footage of the incident taken by paramedic Wisam Zeineh is raising questions about Detroit's promise to solve problems with its fire-EMS service.

Some of the proposed fixes include allocating money for ambulance repairs.

In the video, the medics in the ambulance radio for help while gunshots are fired in the area.

"We have shots fired everywhere, no units available..." Zeineh says in the video as shots are fired outside the ambulance. "We've had babies in cardiac arrest... We have units traveling 15-20 miles to respond, and here we sit."

The paramedics waited an hour before a tow truck arrived.

"It's not something you expect in a large American city," Zeineh said in a later interview. "There's absolutely no civility at all.

Gesturing toward city hall, Zeineh added, "And I'm sure they were enjoying their champagne at 12 o'clock."

Ring of Gunfire: Detroit EMS Unit Stranded on New Year's Eve :

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