Photo of the Week: New Alaska ambulance design honors local culture

The new Capital City (Juneau, Alaska) Fire Rescue rig exterior was designed by Indigenous Tlingit artists and represents healing and balance

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This week's Photo of the Week comes from Capital City Fire Rescue in Juneau, Alaska, which recently unveiled its new ambulance design that pays tribute to local Indigenous culture. 

The art on the exterior of the rig was designed by Tlingit artists Crystal Worl and Mary Goddard and features the Healing Hand and Spirit Face, symbols that hold significant meaning for Tlingit people. 

"Both sides of the ambulance are designed in Tlingit form line art. The hand represents healing, and in the Northwest Coast culture is known as the Healing Hand. In the Tlingit culture there is a belief that everything is interconnected and this greatly impacts our health, this is represented by the Spirit Face," the artists wrote. "In Tlingit culture, balance is a common theme, to keep the ambulance balanced, one side is day and the other is night. The sun and the stars represent the bright hope and help our EMTs and First Responders bring when responding to calls." 

Photo/Capital City Fire Rescue


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