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Ambulance Crash

More and more departments are adding blocking units to protect emergency scenes
The ERSI has already tracked 34 first responder roadway-incident deaths in 2022 and an average of two struck-by incidents daily
Lexipol’s Greg Friese, MS, NRP, joins Cebollero and Grayson to discuss the hot topics in 2022, from ambulance safety to provider burnout, and how to steer the EMS ship
A Marion County Fire Rescue ambulance overturned in a collision with a bus and pickup truck
Two South Central Ambulance District paramedics were injured after their ambulance was struck by another vehicle
Police believe the driver who struck the Sun Prairie ambulance was impaired
A Victorious Care Ambulance crew and a pickup truck driver were killed in a head-on crash
An FDNY ambulance was struck by an SUV while en route to a hospital
An FDNY ambulance was struck by an SUV while en route to a hospital
Ammanuel Owar Ojha stole the East Hills ambulance from out front of of Select Specialty Hospital
DUI charge and other charges against Kevin Tirrel McCorvey were dropped in a deal for a reduced prison sentence
A South Central Ambulance paramedic was seriously injured in a fatal collision with another vehicle
Four people, including two paramedics, were injured when a pickup truck collided with an ambulance
AMR medics in Grand Rapids were injured when the suspect crashed into their rig after an earlier police pursuit
Four Polk County Fire Rescue members were injured when their ambulance crashed into a business