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6 wearables to keep your fitness on track

- 08/13/2014

Anyone who has been through military boot camp knows that a bit of firm external motivation can work wonders in helping you remain disciplined. In civilian life, however, there are no Drill Sergeants ...

Why you should quit your crappy EMS job

- 08/13/2014

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.” — Jordan Belfort, 'The Wolf ...

5 crazy but common EMS scenes and how to manage them

- 08/13/2014

Not all responses go as smoothly as we would like. People have different thresholds for coping with things that frighten, confuse, or worry them. Objectivity is imperative at an emotional ...

10 ways to make a crazy EMS call worse

- 08/13/2014

It’s crazy how often EMS is summoned to a nuthouse. Emotions are frayed; common sense is gone; behind closed doors, dead bolted, chained and put away. People are screaming, crying, and ...

Back pain: What you think you know is wrong

- 08/07/2014

You know it’s going to be a long shift when six calls in, the volume has not let up. You just transported a 380-pound patient found lying in his driveway after he fell getting the mail. ...

4 essential social skills for EMS leaders

- 08/04/2014

As an EMS leader, it is vital to develop a network of peers and resources, and continue to cultivate both business and personal relationships. It takes a real knack to become proficient in managing ...

4 tips for hands-on EMS training in your station

- 07/31/2014

Hands-on practice of assessment and treatment skills is essential for the initial and ongoing training of EMTs and paramedics. But hands-on practice is often constrained by limited time and instructional ...

What EMS agencies can learn from Cleveland sports teams

- 07/22/2014

While I’m proud to call Arizona my home since 2000, I grew up in Cleveland — a city that constantly seems to be the punchline of every national joke. I still remember watching ...

How to solar power an ambulance or fire truck

- 07/11/2014

Do you know the KOPL for your fire apparatus or ambulances? KOPL stands for key-off parasitic load, which sounds sort of scary but really isn't — unless of course you're an apparatus ...

What are the biggest misconceptions about paramedics?

- 07/10/2014

By Anderson Moorer, EMS1 Contributor The most common is mistaking a paramedic for an "Ambulance Driver." Paramedics receive a tremendous amount of training, from specialist medical ...

Top 10 punchlines to EMS T-shirt slogans

- 07/10/2014

If you frequent any of the various EMS Facebook pages, you know they represent a sort of virtual EMS squadron where we can all gather to gripe, commiserate, share stories, educate each other ...

10 ways to better respond to special needs patients

- 07/09/2014

Paramedics and first responders tasks are becoming increasingly challenging with the growing number of special needs patients. According to the 2010 census, 2.8 million school age children were ...

Can less ALS mean better BLS?

- 06/24/2014

Would you prefer a surgeon who did surgery three times a year but started on time, or one who did surgery 50 times a year but got there five minutes late, after the nurses had already prepped ...

3 tips to finding the right EMT course

- 06/24/2014

An Everyday EMS reader asked, "I want to become an EMT. How do I find an EMT course?" The ease of finding your options and choosing an EMT course depends a lot on where you live, ...

Why real experience makes successful EMS instructors

- 06/19/2014

Recently the National Association of EMS Educators posted this question on social media: "Do you think EMT programs should only be taught at a hospital or college?" The answer is not ...

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