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2 types of training for active-shooter incidents

- 02/02/2015

Updated February 2, 2015 It seems that at least once a month, an active-shooter incident leading to mass fatalities dominates the national news cycle for 24-48 hours. I don't believe any ...

Vary annual EMS events to keep media engaged

- 12/15/2014

In preparing for my most recent wedding anniversary, one of my tasks was to pick out a card for my wife. Staring at the shelves there were lots of options, yet many of them seemed familiar. ...

An exhausted medic’s mistake

- 12/11/2014

We found him lying on the sidewalk, mumbling and semi-conscious. Was he drunk or diabetic? Sometimes it’s hard to tell; sometimes they are both. We picked him up, put him on the stretcher ...

Patient assaults are not ‘part of the job’

- 11/20/2014

I am disturbed by the increasing frequency of media reports of EMS providers being assaulted while on the job. Let’s cut to the chase: While it’s a risk, it is not acceptable. There ...

Wake up: Tricks to conquering the nightshift

- 11/18/2014

By Ken Lavelle Sponsored by Masimo A paramedic on a 10-10-14-14 schedule has a busy first night with constant calls. At 5 a.m. she is treating an elderly patient with a severe hip fracture ...

7 calls dispatchers will never forget

- 11/03/2014

After a story about a dispatcher who realized a woman’s 911 call for a pizza order was really a domestic abuse situation where she shouldn’t talk freely, it got us wondering about ...

9 more bizarre car crash calls

- 10/22/2014

From patients walking away from crazy crash scenes, to strawberry-riddled roadways and trucks stuck in trees, it's clear that we've only scratched the surface of all the unusual, amusing ...

What are some misconceptions TV has taught you about EMS?

- 10/14/2014

Emergency! Chicago Fire. Sirens. Bringing out the Dead. These are just a handful of the EMS shows and flicks we’ve all fallen prey to watching. While entertaining, they also have their ...

Do EMTs or MDs have greater authority on a medical emergency scene?

- 10/14/2014

The senior EMT on scene has the responsibility for decision making regarding patient care and has the authority to choose to disregard medical orders from physicians excepting those in their ...

How virtual hospitals may change EMS

- 09/29/2014

With predictions that one in six doctor visits in the U.S. and Canada will be virtual in 2014, telemedicine has the potential to greatly influence how EMS operates. Glenn Leland, chief strategy ...

3 steps to spot danger on EMS scenes

- 09/23/2014

This past year, I was involved in a film project recreating a firefighter close call event that occurred during a basement fire. While interviewing the firefighters who were on the hose line ...

Why EMS should put compassion before protocols

- 09/18/2014

“No smoking. Oxygen in use.” “No family in the back of the rig.” “Food or drinks allowed in cab only.” “No pets in the rig.” Rules ...

4 ways EMS leaders can better collaborate

- 09/17/2014

By Keith Griffiths When more than 200 people from eight countries gathered earlier this month in Reno, Nev. to share best practices related to their community paramedic and mobile integrated ...

5 pros and cons of cameras in ambulances

- 09/10/2014

The lowest of the low, in my opinion, are the lawsuits that arise from someone just doing his or her job; trying to be thorough and professional, only to be accused of wrongdoing for a quick ...

Clinical scenario: A three-hour fall in the bathtub

- 09/10/2014

You and your partner have just arrived back at your station when the telephone rings. Your dispatcher requests that you start en route to 537 West Main St. for a report of a fall. After getting ...

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