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5 pros and cons of cameras in ambulances

- 09/10/2014

The lowest of the low, in my opinion, are the lawsuits that arise from someone just doing his or her job; trying to be thorough and professional, only to be accused of wrongdoing for a quick ...

Clinical scenario: A three-hour fall in the bathtub

- 09/10/2014

You and your partner have just arrived back at your station when the telephone rings. Your dispatcher requests that you start en route to 537 West Main St. for a report of a fall. After getting ...

4 ways firefighters can prep the EMS scene

- 09/04/2014

I am a great EMS officer working in a busy fire department, and I need good EMTs with me on medical calls. I was a good firefighter working with great firefighters, but after 10 years I decided ...

5 ways EMTs can be more caring to patients

- 08/28/2014

Imagine that you’re in the market for a classic sports car. You notice an online advertisement saying that an individual is giving away a mint-condition Shelby Mustang. You race over to ...

6 wearables to keep your fitness on track

- 08/13/2014

Anyone in EMS knows the constant battle to stick to a fitness plan, especially when you’re running to calls and barely have time to eat, never mind work out. But some firm external motivation ...

Why you should quit your crappy EMS job

- 08/13/2014

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.” — Jordan Belfort, 'The Wolf ...

5 crazy but common EMS scenes and how to manage them

- 08/13/2014

Not all responses go as smoothly as we would like. People have different thresholds for coping with things that frighten, confuse, or worry them. Objectivity is imperative at an emotional ...

10 ways to make a crazy EMS call worse

- 08/13/2014

It’s crazy how often EMS is summoned to a nuthouse. Emotions are frayed; common sense is gone; behind closed doors, dead bolted, chained and put away. People are screaming, crying, and ...

5 must-have social media tools for EMS

- 08/11/2014

On July 22, 2014, the U.S. congress passed the Virtual Social Media Working Group (VSMWG) act. The act allows the government and private agencies to collaborate and create the best strategies ...

Back pain: What you think you know is wrong

- 08/07/2014

You know it’s going to be a long shift when six calls in, the volume has not let up. You just transported a 380-pound patient found lying in his driveway after he fell getting the mail. ...

4 essential social skills for EMS leaders

- 08/04/2014

As an EMS leader, it is vital to develop a network of peers and resources, and continue to cultivate both business and personal relationships. It takes a real knack to become proficient in managing ...

4 tips for hands-on EMS training in your station

- 07/31/2014

Hands-on practice of assessment and treatment skills is essential for the initial and ongoing training of EMTs and paramedics. But hands-on practice is often constrained by limited time and instructional ...

Why EMS needs higher education

- 07/24/2014

Field medicine is evolving faster today than ever before. External factors such as changes in an aging population, health care reimbursement, evidence-based medicine and a move toward preventive ...

What EMS agencies can learn from Cleveland sports teams

- 07/22/2014

While I’m proud to call Arizona my home since 2000, I grew up in Cleveland — a city that constantly seems to be the punchline of every national joke. I still remember watching ...

Prove it: Does a delay between AED shock and compressions reduce survival rates?

- 07/14/2014

Case review Rescue 18 and Engine 12 respond to an office building where bystanders are reported to be doing CPR. Engine 12 arrives first, verifies no pulse and takes over CPR. An AED applied ...

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