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Feds: Ambulance company defrauded Medicare of $2M

- 02/04/2016

By Teresa Auch Schultz Post-Tribune CROWN POINT, Ind. — The federal government has seized almost $2 million from the bank accounts of a Crown Point ambulance company accused of defrauding ...

5 things civilians need to know about EMS

- 02/03/2016

After reading this story on nonpaying responses in Pennsylvania and another one about a "surprise bill" for a paramedic response in California, I am beginning to wonder whether EMS ...

Survey: 75 percent of Pa. county's ambulance companies are losing money

- 02/03/2016

Most companies can't bill for one out of four calls.

Survey: 75 percent of Pa. county's ambulance companies are losing money

- 02/03/2016

By Paul Van Osdol Action News 4 ROSS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Whether it's a cup of tea or a car wreck, ambulance companies will respond when 911 calls them out. Action News Investigates ...

What the OIG report on questionable billing means for ambulance transports

- 01/21/2016

By Kevin Fairlie In September of 2015, the Office of the Inspector General at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released a report titled "Inappropriate Payments and Questionable ...

Is some EMS better than no EMS?

- 01/14/2016

News continues to raise the alarm about EMS organizations — both paid and volunteer — that fail to meet response time promises or even respond at all. Some agencies are unable to ...

AMR announces final layoffs at California billing center

- 01/08/2016

By Ken Carlson The Modesto Bee MODESTO, Calif. — In a notice to Stanislaus County’s Board of Supervisors, a contractor for American Medical Response said it will lay off 47 remaining ...

Guam ambulance company managers admit to fraud conspiracy

- 01/05/2016

Associated Press HAGATNA, Guam — Two employees of a Guam ambulance company have admitted guilt in a conspiracy to defraud the federal government of nearly $11 million. Trevor Cruz ...

Fraudulent billing is life-threatening to EMS agencies

- 12/30/2015

Paying for an EMS service is a complex and costly proposition. We often do not think about the medical coders and billers who work behind the scenes to make sure that our services are appropriately ...

NC EMS agency may owe $700K for falsifying Medicare forms

- 12/30/2015

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, N.C. — An EMS employee has been fired over accusations of falsifying Physician Certification Statements for non-emergency transports to expedite Medicare reimbursement. The ...

SC county mulls new strategy for collecting unpaid EMS bills

- 12/15/2015

By Charles D. Perry The Sun News HORRY COUNTY, S.C. — With unpaid EMS bills continuing to mount, Horry County officials on Monday rolled out a strategy for recouping some of that outstanding ...

Va. county to 'hard bill' for EMS services

- 12/04/2015

By Allen Worrell The Carroll News CARROLL COUNTY, Va. — In an effort to generate an additional $127,270 of revenue for its fire and rescue agencies, Carroll County will begin aggressively ...

Can air medical industry regulation maintain financial stability and safety?

- 12/01/2015

Air medical services have been part of the prehospital care landscape since its inception. From private industry to publicly-funded systems, helicopters and fixed-wing aircrafts have provided ...

Air ambulance companies under scrutiny for excessive costs

- 11/30/2015

By Troy Carter Associated Press BOZEMAN, Mont. — Earlier this month, a Summit Air Ambulance helicopter raced up Hyalite Canyon south of Bozeman in search of a skier impaled on a tree. Emergency ...

Investigation into EMT call-first policy reveals hospital's money woes

- 11/12/2015

HOUSTON COUNTY, Tenn. — EMS1 expert commentary prompts a local news channel to further investigate the controversial requirement for Houston County EMTs to call the local hospital before ...

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