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Airway management: The equipment and technique debate continues

Understanding the three types of airway management errors can help EMS providers select the optimal equipment and technique for airway management

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Capnography: Uses now and in the future -
The use of waveform capnography in EMS has expanded greatly since its original role of confirming endotracheal tube placement. From identifying underlying medical conditions to emerging uses ...

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Remember 2 Things: When to use a nasopharyngeal airway
Steve Whitehead reminds us to always attempt to insert a nasopharyngeal airway when using a bag valve mask, and that it should be used in combination with other airway adjuncts.

Steve continues the discussion started by this Remember 2 Things video by asking, Who is correct when EMS providers defend strict protocol adherence? Read Steve's column about how well-written protocols leave room for both the novice EMS provider and the expert.

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Flow-Safe II CPAP System

The Flow-Safe® II Disposable CPAP System

air-Q® sp (Self-Pressurizing)

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