Celebrating EMS Week 2023 – Day 5: Save-A-Life Day

It's on agencies to provide opportunities for community members to learn the skills needed to potentially save the life of a stranger or loved one

Earlier this year, NFL player Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field after a sudden cardiac arrest. The emergency response and his subsequent health rebound put EMS in the spotlight; suddenly, discussions on the importance of early CPR and AED training for the public were hot topics

Similarly, the increased frequency of mass casualty incidents and the accompanying publicity demonstrates a need for community members to be prepared to act in the event of an emergency – to save a life. 

The goal of today's theme is empowerment; it's up to you as an EMS provider to empower local citizens to  learn the skills needed to potentially save the life of a stranger or loved one in an emergency.  

During critical moments before professional medical assistance arrives, every second counts. EMS providers could be delayed by demand or an active threat. By equipping community members with the basic skills and information needed to respond effectively in the moment, we empower them to become active participants in the chain of survival.

Check out our "EMS Week: Save-A-Life" video, as well as gathered resources to help your communities stand ready, take action and make a life-saving impact.

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