Celebrating EMS Week 2023 – Day 1: Health, Wellness and Resilience

While you might be able to accurately diagnose every patient you treat, you must also prioritize your own physical and mental health

It's officially EMS Week again! As we celebrate the 2023 designation, we encourage you to consider how much you've grown in your profession over the last year. What new skills have you acquired? What goals did you meet? What will you challenge yourself to accomplish ahead of the 50th anniversary of EMS Week in 2024? It's important to take advantage of these checkpoints on your career path to celebrate your journey!

On Day 1 of this recognition week, we're considering the health, wellness and resilience of EMS responders. While you might be able to accurately diagnose every patient you come into contact with, if you don't make your own physical and mental health a priority, you could be at risk for burnout. So, do yourself a favor and keep tabs on your mental wellbeing. 

Check out our "EMS Week – Day 1" video, as well as an abundance of first responder wellness resources we've compiled for more information. How are you kicking off EMS Week this year? Send an email to editor@ems1.com to share your 2023 celebration photos to be included in a later feature!


The hands-on nature of a career in EMS means that physical and mental wellbeing is critical for providers. From focusing on fitness to healthy eating habits and the importance of quality sleep, providers are at their best when they prioritize their personal health. 





In 2023, "mental health" is no longer the stigmatized phrase it once was. As first responders, you should be aware of the emotional toll the job can take, and take stock of your mental status during each shift. 


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When discussing resiliency, many mistakenly believe that when someone is resilient, it means that nothing bothers them – which is far from accurate. According to Mike Taigman, "Resiliency is the ability to advance in life despite adversity." Use the resources below to help guide you through that adversity. 

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