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President of the Austin EMS Association, Capt. Selena Xie is always looking for ways to elevate the EMS impact on the community
In this episode of Inside EMS, our co-hosts discuss cost of living concerns, EMS reimbursement and industry pay standards
Austin, Texas, EMTs and paramedics have every right to be frustrated with the city’s salary increase offer
Gainesville officials hope the new work schedule will enhance first responders’ work-life balance and boost recruitment
The Department of Health select Falck to replace AMR, which has held the contract for 44 years
Peter Zisopoulos repeatedly stabbed Lt. Alison Russo-Elling as she walked from her station to a deli
The Arizona Attorney General’s Office is looking into the operations of a fire department that gets it’s named from the 1970s TV show “Emergency!”
Collective bargaining is being promoted as a recruitment, retention benefit for Portsmouth
Scottsdale Fire Fighters Association leader says the planned hospital would worsen a shortage of medical professionals
Members of Teamsters Local 690 in Spokane County have reached a tentative agreement with Global Medical Response
The Uniformed EMS Officers Union says the “Supervising Emergency Medical Service Specialist” position carries lieutenant responsibilities with less pay
Union members in Spokane County are voting to strike if an agreement with AMR is not reached
EMS union president asked if the city government values speedy delivery of bagels over EMS saving lives
San Marcos Hays County EMS paramedics, EMTs vote to form a union
Mayor Adams’s plan gives app-based delivery workers $19.96 an hour, $1.02 more than an EMT’s starting pay