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Accountability for displaying proper patient lifting and moving – whether it’s physically lifting patients or utilizing equipment – rests at the top of the agency
Products designed to make your job easier that you won’t regret purchasing or upgrading
If you are a provider with an IFAK, or a tactical medic, you will want to upgrade to these shears
Company representatives will be demonstrating several products on the exhibit floor, and will be on hand for the duration of the conference to answer any questions
Black patients experienced delays in COVID-19 treatment because of the problem, said Kristen Azar with Sutter Health’s Institute for Advancing Health Equity
“We’re really proud how this showed the whole system works, from the dispatcher, the firefighters to the bystanders,” said Decatur Fire & Rescue Fire Chief Tracy Thornton
Brittany Nicotri found a way to increase the Burton Fire District’s capabilities at a low cost
Front-line workers can find information on PPE, priority testing, alternative housing, discounts and donations, self-care and childcare on the website
The university, which has been tracking COVID-19 cases worldwide since January, is now publishing data on bed capacity and health insurance for each county
EMS providers will now be able to use pet oxygen masks and give out “Pets Inside” decals for pet parents
The Search & Rescue Data Collector Tool allows first responders to capture real-time information, enabling command leadership to see where resources are needed
The tool will be able to give first responders real-time text and visuals from social media, as well as from surveillance cameras and sensors
The instrument allows medics to insert a tube into a patient’s lungs using a special blade with a camera attached to it.
The Chicago Police Department is the first owner of The HERODrag System, a victim immobilizing rescue system designed for quick, easy deployment and stabilization
Tradeshows are an opportunity to learn about EMS products and design improvements, and give real-world feedback to manufacturers
The StethoSafe is a patent pending case that protects the head of a stethoscope
Use these tips to pick the stethoscope best for you and to use it correctly on every patient
Women’s History Month is celebrated annually during March; here’s a handful of inventions vital to present-day first responders
Engineering students had 48 hours to brainstorm, design, and develop tools with guidance from EMS providers
Smart design and the sweetest scissors ever make this multi-tool worth a look