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Smoke Inhalation

Planned Senate hearing, bills find new interest as smoke from Canadian fires reaches D.C.
Look beyond the classic symptoms of cyanide, and CO poisoning, and thermal inhalation, to find the best course of treament
Triage burn victims for inhalation injury and fluid administration by putting these four pieces of the puzzle together
How to protect yourself and your patients, and take action
Marcellus Ambulance personnel faced a driver pinned upside down in a burning vehicle
Residents reported an explosion in the Newark Housing Authority building that led to the collapse
Firefighter Walter Stewart lost his youngest and oldest kids following the deaths of their brother and mother
Multiple ambulance strike teams are transporting patients to alternative facilities in the area
Meriden crewmembers were treated for burns, cardiac issues and smoke inhalation
Delray Beach, Boca Raton and Palm Beach County fire rescue teams worked to put out the blaze, while EMS providers transported the injured
Crewmembers rushed the child to an ambulance and tried to resuscitate her, but she went into cardiac arrest on the way to a hospital
Before Lafayette firefighters and EMS crews arrived, Nick Bostic saw the flames while driving, stopped and ran inside
A second off-duty firefighter also responded; other family members escaped the blaze and were transported by Boston EMS
Baltimore County Fire Department crews extinguished the fire that officials say may have contained hazardous materials
The Amarillo medic and the 16-month-old child were treated for smoke inhalation
A 15-year-old boy was pulled from the second story of the Shortsville home and airlifted to a trauma center
Two firefighters and a paramedic were treated for smoke inhalation from the resulting fire at the Biomat USA Plasma Center
The Onslow County medic suffered smoke inhalation trying to save equipment from the burning rig
Paramedics treated and resuscitated 26 more cats in what was called a “domesticated animal mass casualty incident”
One person suffered possible smoke inhalation in the fire, which officials believe started in the engine compartment of one of the rigs
Neither of the victims pulled from the house had a pulse, but medical crews were able to resuscitate both at the scene
The patient had suffered smoke inhalation and was being transported to the hospital when the ambulance was struck by another vehicle
Chesterfield Firefighter-EMT Amie Barnes said she had never given oxygen to an animal before but followed her instincts to save the “feline member of the family”
A total of 11 people suffered smoke inhalation at the massive overnight blaze
EMS providers will now be able to use pet oxygen masks and give out “Pets Inside” decals for pet parents
We are beginning to see the initial correlations with COPD that vaping has on our patients’ overall health and respiratory disease exacerbation
New Bedford EMS only recently began carrying the drug on their ambulances and it was intended to treat firefighters who suffer smoke inhalation
EMS providers will be called upon to mitigate the effects of bombings and other incidents involving the use of explosive devices
Five passengers were treated at the scene for smoke inhalation and three were taken to a hospital