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The Bicycle Emergency Response Team is engaging the community, while providing quick response to difficult-to-access venues
Have we taken the lessons learned from 9/11 and truly changed our practices?
EMS union president Oren Barzilay said the open mic incidents are unprofessional but may also be indicative of workplace stress
Matthew W. Milburn told first responders the unconscious subject was ’10-4' and they could cancel their response
The donated equipment can’t fix the radio dead spots that reportedly affected officers’ response to the deadly school shooting, Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez said
The measure authorizes the purchase of 3,700 handheld radios for every police officer in Delaware County as well as most fire and EMS personnel
Local public safety leaders are calling for improvements and redundancies in the communications system
The communications platform for first responders went live in 2017 and currently has three million users nationwide
The Cass County EMS Board is addressing the kind of radios needed and possible local firms to do the graphics for the three ambulances
The county came to a $6.9 million agreement with New Mexico Department of Information Technology (DoIT) to join the Statewide Digital Trunked Radio
Lawmakers are unsure whether American Rescue Plan funds can be used to sustain WyoLink, which connects more than 500 agencies across the state
The county has been given a deadline of 55 days to pay the bill, which is about $500,000 over its budget, after which first responders will no longer have radio communications access
The petition alleges issues including an unreliable radio network, unnecessary spending and poor performance that risks first responders’ safety
First responders in some areas of Erie County reported weak signals and “spotty” coverage despite the recently-implemented $26.5 million system