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Stuntman injured during filming of ‘Superman’ in Cleveland

The stuntman crashed during a high-speed chase scene on the Detroit-Superior Bridge


A stunt motorcyclist took a spill while filming a crash scene on the Detroit-Superior Bridge that was taken away in an ambulance during the filming of Superman in Cleveland.

John Kuntz/TNS

By Joey Morona

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A stuntman was injured on the set of “Superman” during filming on the Detroit-Superior Bridge on Monday.

The stuntman was driving a motorcycle during a high-speed chase scene when he took a spill, clutching his knee as he hit the ground. The camera crew stopped filming as he was placed on a stretcher and put into an ambulance. The stuntman received treatment for several minutes before the ambulance left the scene with him inside.

His condition or name isn’t known. It’s not clear what his role is either. The stuntman was dressed in all-black but didn’t appear to be wearing a known character’s costume. The motorcycle wasn’t visibly damaged.

Prior to the accident, the stuntman rehearsed the scene several times without incident. In the action, he and another stuntperson on a motorcycle are fleeing Metropolis on the bridge at a high rate of speed when one of them causes a staged collision between six cars.

Following a delay of about 40 minutes, production resumed with the film crew shooting a modified version of the stunt, this time with just one motorcycle.

The bridge remains closed for filming through Wednesday.

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